The longest week

I haven't managed to post on my blog for a while, mostly due to the fact that I have been so busy with the release of my book ( I honestly had no idea how much work would go into this and I'm still learning!) and have also been consumed by another writing project. I... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins..

  To celebrate the release of my book "The Split", I'd like to share the first chapter with you all and hopefully get some comments and feedback in return! Writing fiction is so different to any other form of writing I've done, and I worked extremely hard to choose the right words to paint the... Continue Reading →

Waiting for baby

Ahhh the end of pregnancy....What a joyous and exciting time this is, where mother's-to-be blossom into Snow White and begin spring-cleaning their houses to perfection, whilst whistling a merry tune, joined by the local neighbourhood birds as we bake apple pies in the oven to present our wonderful Prince Charmings when they return home from... Continue Reading →

Second-Time Labour Fear

I'm not sure if there's a proper name for this, but if there is then it's definitely something I'm suffering from. Earlier in the week, I went for a scan to check the baby's weight and growth. Before we went in, my boyfriend stopped to get us some lunch, leaving me alone in the car... Continue Reading →

What do children really want?

Today, I went to the cinema to see "Goodbye Christopher Robin" ( I will warn of any spoilers). As well as being a huge tear-jerker, it also made me think about what our children really want/need from us and what we strive to provide. In the current climate we live in, it's very easy to... Continue Reading →

My top three baby brain fails

Is "baby brain" real or are we just really tired? At times it can be difficult to tell. I, for one, have always been incredibly scatty and at times downright ditzy (I once bought lard instead of butter, put it in the butter dish and then wondered for several days why it was the wrong... Continue Reading →

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