Exciting feedback! !


So, my first proper review for my book  came back a couple of days ago. Here is a copy of what was said:


Reading this feedback honestly made my day and, if I’m honest, probably my whole week! On top of that, my mum’s friend is close with the author Simon Brett OBE (if you haven’t heard of him, Google him!) and she passed on the book for him to read so that he could give me some honest feedback. He came back saying that I was “a name to watch out for”!! I was absolutely blown away. He also said he thought the novel was extremely well written and that the characters really came to life as he read. He used words like “creative” and “talented” when describing my work. I was expecting some constructive criticism, so I was over the moon with how positive he was, especially considering how successful he is!

Putting my book out there to the world was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever done. I felt so vulnerable. It reminded me of those nightmares you have as a teenager where you’re naked in front of everyone in the school canteen. Thankfully, so far taking the risk has paid off, and I’m truly happy that people seem to be enjoying reading the book as much as I loved writing it. I created an entire world in my head, and it gives me great joy to think that other people are joining me there, losing themselves in the story that I felt compelled to tell. Thank you to every body who has bought my book. Here’s hoping the future of my writing continues to look bright !


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