A good day. ..

It occurred to me that a lot of my blogs have focused around how hard things as a parent can be (and they are!). For that reason, I want to talk about a really good day I had at the weekend and write something wholly positive for a change!

It was a Sunday. The day began with a rare lie-in (by lie- in I mean getting up at 7.30am rather than 6). My eldest, Samuel, still woke up at the crack of dawn, but because daddy was at homw, he came into our bed and went back to sleep straight away, without even demanding any YouTube videos! Anthony, the baby, had his morning feed and then joined us for a quick cuddle, still dressed in the snowman sleepsuit I had put him in the evening before when we put our Christmas decorations up. At this point I was the only one awake, and rather than begrudging the fact, I took a good look at my three sleeping boys around me and counted myself extremely lucky. I lay there for a long while, thinking about all the things I’m looking forward to doing as a family of four. Eventually,   sleepiness got the better of me, and I gave in, putting baby in his cot and snuggling under the covers to get some well-needed sleep. Naturally, the second I put my head on the pillow, both children decided it was time to wake up and start crying.

We all piled downstairs, had some breakfast and put on Disneys “Cars” for the fiftieth time that week. I spent the morning alone with the two boys while daddy went to football, but miraculously , there were hardly any tantrums and I managed to get both of them dressed and ready before ten o’ clock, even though I myself stayed in my pyjamas until midday.

When daddy got home, he listened to my pleas of wanting to leave the house after being cooped up for several days, and elected to watch the children while I went for a shower and got ready to go out. It was so nice to make myself look human again, and feeling brave, I chose to wear one of my old favourite knitted dresses – a bold choice just two weeks after giving birth.  I’ve no idea how it looked, but it made me feel like “me” again, which was more important to me than whether my post-baby belly was on show.

When we were all ready, everyone was bundled into the car, and we drove off, the sound of Taylor Swifts new album provding the theme song to our journey (much to daddy’s dismay). We were heading for a pub about twenty minutes away to have Sunday lunch, and by the time we’d sett off it was getting dark, meaning we could fully appreciate the sight of all the Christmas lights on the way.

After a few wrong turns and trips all the way round one or two roundabouts, we arrived. The pub was busy but not too packed, and we were given seats in the kids section, which boasted a play area to entertain the under 5s and give their parents some peace.

Samuel was straight in there, trying his best to make friends with the older kids, despite the fact he wasn’t able to communicate very well with them. There was one incident where a boy a similar age to him pushed him off the giant wheel he was playing with. This moment was a learning curve for both him and for us as parents. It’s difficult to know how to react in a situation like that , but I’d never feel right telling off someone else’s child, and so instead I told Samuel to go back in and carry on playing, encouraging him not to be intimidated by the boy’s behaviour. I was proud to watch him stride back in and carry on his game without fear. Secretly, I enjoy the fact he’s got a bit of a backbone, even though it often makes my life more difficult!

The meal was lovely, and Anthony got lots of fuss from passers-by who stopped to admire him. It was the first time we’d all been out properly as a family, and it was a really enjoyable experience. When the number of adults and children are equal, everything goes swimmingly. The problems only start to occur when I’m outnumbered!

To sum it all up, the day was pretty perfect, and has left me extremely  excited for our next venture out as a family of four. It’s a great time of year to have children and I can’t wait to carry on enjoying the festive season with the newest addition to our family on board 🎅





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