We survived!

Today was my first day alone with the two children and I am happy to announce that it went without disaster! There were, however, one or two moments of despair, the first involving me leaving samuel alone in his booster chair with a pear and returning two minutes later to find the fruit smushed into a million pieces. I honestly didn’t even realise it was possible for a pear to turn into actual crumbs, but apparently it is. Samuel had a very guilty look on his face when I walked in the room, but if he thought he could cover up the fact he was literally covered head to toe in bits of evidence of his crime, he was sorely mistaken.

The second challenging moment where I almost lost my mind came when a box of tiny books I bought Samuel for his birthday kept magically finding their way off the bookcase where I kept putting them and onto the carpet. The pesky books were so determined to find their freedom, that they rebelled against me five or six times, coming out of their box and jumping into a big mess on the floor everytime I turned my back. Most curious!

On the plus side, I managed to achieve much more than I thought I would on day one. The three of us were all dressed, washed and fed by ten o’clock, the washing up got done, as did a portion of the Mount Everest pile of washing I have looming over me. Most importantly, there were hardly any tears (from me or the babies) and we’re starting to gel with our routine. Admittedly by four o’ clock, I was ready to turn in for the night, but at least all the extra running around will help the baby weight fall off! Now its time for me to turn in for a well-earned rest, ready to see what tomorrow brings!


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