One is like one, two is like twenty

“One is like one, two is like twenty” is a saying I’ve heard thrown around so many times, but all throughout my pregnancy I told myself that there couldn’t be any truth in it. Surely, the leap from no children to one child was bigger than the leap from one child to two. Its only been eleven  days, but I already know that my optimism was seriously misplaced! If I had to sum up my experience of being a mum of two so far, I would say “rollarcoaster”. There are moments – whole days even -where I feel on top of the world, and there are also times where I feel so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do first. My mentality alternates between “you can do this” to “I don’t know what the Hell I’m doing” on a half-hourly basis. The end of my partner’s parternity leave is looming, and it both terrifies and excites me in equal measure that I will soon be solely responsible for two children. I’m fully prepared for the bad days I know there will inevitably be, but I’m also hopeful that they will be sandwiched in between lots of good days and laced with a series of happy memories I’ll treasure for years to come.

Everything feels brand new again. I had established a great routine with my eldest son that balanced his needs with my other responsibilites and even left time to spare that I used for writing both this blog and my book. Now I have to learn everything from scratch again, somehow working out a way to prioritise between the two children while trying to factor in writing my second book and not getting buried alive by the literal mountain of washing a family of four seem to produce on a daily basis.

I’ve only been left on my own with the two of them for a grand total of twenty minutes in the eleven days since baby number 2 was born, and both times have ended in chaos and a front room covered from wall to wall in toys. However, I feel ready for the challenges that lay ahead of me and am looking forward to experiencing the highs and tacking the lows, comforted in the knowledge that even if it all ends in disaster, it’ll all make a great story for then blog! 😂

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