When three became four

Last Thursday at 1.25pm our son, Anthony David Patrick was born, instantly transforming our family of three into a family of four. It’s taken me a few days to post about the event, partly because I’ve been in baby-love-land and partly because my brain is half exhausted from dealing with incidences of night time of colic. However, today I’m feeling inspired to write about the transformation and how one little baby boy has once again changed my life forever!

Anthony’s birth wasn’t great. Without going into the gory details, I will suffice to say that he weighed 9 pounds 6 when he was born and I definitely felt it. The labour lasted 11 hours and was completely exhausting, however I honestly don’t think there’s a better feeling in the world than the one where you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, the pain and struggle it took for them to get there forgottten almost immediately as you look at their wrinkly, purple face and fall head over heels in love with them.

When the birth was over, we were given our own room in the midwife led unit where I was able to relish in the comfort of a shower and clean sheets, free to stare at my new baby for as long as I saw fit (a long time). I was on top of the world. Anthony was here. The pain was over. My eldest son Samuel was having a great time with his grandad who had sent me pictures of their adventure to McDonald’s and mishap with a banana milkshake. My boyfriend was out getting me Burger King and the first proper, full fat coke I’d had in months. Life was good, the euphoria of the newest member of our family arriving far outweighing any of the physical discomfort I was in.

Throughout the pregnancy, I had found it hard to imagine how it would feel to have another child. I knew, of course, that I would love him to bits but already having a child who was the centre of my world made me wonder how this new baby would fit into our lives and into my affections . I didn’t think it was possible to love anyone as much as I love Samuel, but as soon as I laid eyes on Anthony my heart nearly burst and I realised there’s more than enough room for the both of them in there! It just means I’m twice as soppy as I was before!

Our family is now complete and we couldn’t be happier, despite having to go through more sleepless nights (my eldest son slept properly through the night for the first time ever literally the night that I went into labour! Just my luck) and start all over again with the baby thing, I already can’t imagine life without our littlest man (who really isn’t very little). Welcome to the world, Anthony! It’s a much better place with you in it ❤💗


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