The longest week

I haven’t managed to post on my blog for a while, mostly due to the fact that I have been so busy with the release of my book ( I honestly had no idea how much work would go into this and I’m still learning!) and have also been consumed by another writing project. I was secretly hoping that my next blog post would be my second birth story, followed by some pieces about our family of three turning into a family of four, but no such luck!

My due date is this Friday, and it’s definitely true what they say- the last part of pregnancy is the longest. Up until this point, the entire thing has gone really fast. I’ve been so distracted with my older son and my writing that I’ve barely had a chance to think about it, but as the end draws closer, time is starting to drag! At this point, I feel like I’ve been huge forever. I can’t remember what it’s like to see my toes or be able to do up my own shoelaces. I’ve cut down on going out, finding it too physically difficult to venture about on my own, especially as my son often insists on being carried and is known to throw tantrums at the end of toddler groups when he’s asked to put the toy cars away, meaning that I have to heave him away. I feel guilty not taking him to the things he enjoys doing and have tried to make staying at home as fun as possible, but deep down I thought the baby might have been here by now and he wouldn’t have too long to wait until we could start going out again!

I’ve been telling myself not to get my hopes up, but every twinge, every painful movement or bit of indigestion sends me into an excited frenzy. The fear of labour is disappearing now and the adrenaline has started to kick in, making me more determined to just get it over and done with! However, I’ve now got a horrible feeling I’m going to go over my due date ( as I did with my eldest by ten whole days which honestly felt like ten months). I know there’s no logic to this assumption. There’s still four days to go until I’m technically overdue, but each day feels like an eternity and I’m now convinced I’m going to be pregnant for the rest of time.

When I’m in the throws of labour, I’ll probably wish I was back in the waiting phase, but for the time being, I will be cooking a series of spicy dinners and wiggling my hips until I finally get a result! Here’s to hoping that my next post contains an exciting announcement 🙂



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