My top three baby brain fails

Is “baby brain” real or are we just really tired? At times it can be difficult to tell. I, for one, have always been incredibly scatty and at times downright ditzy (I once bought lard instead of butter, put it in the butter dish and then wondered for several days why it was the wrong colour and if there was such a thing as “albino butter”). However, since being pregnant there are some ridiculous things I’ve done that have at times made me genuinely worried for my sanity.  Here are my top three baby brain fails:

Leaving the handbrake off my car and waltzing into work, completely unaware.

Picture the scene: I’m at work, teaching a group of five-year-olds a maths problem which, if I’m being completely honest, I’m finding quite confusing myself. Suddenly, the woman from the office bursts in, informing me with urgency that somebody has just reported my car rolling in the car park. I jumped up in confusion, replying stupidly that “I haven’t been in my car since this morning” and rushed out, dithering for several minutes as to whether I needed to put my coat on or not in order to rush to the scene where my car was actively rolling out of its parking space…

Luckily, my trusty Toyota had stopped short of hitting the expensive and very shiny Audi that was parked behind me. Still, this was the first incident I can remember seriously worrying about my (lack of) memory.

Putting the ice cube tray in the fridge and expecting it to freeze (the clue is in the name!)

“There’s not much room in the freezer,” I thought to myself, “I’d better put this in the fridge instead.”

Que eight hours of disappointment as I impatiently waited for ice cubes to materialise so I could enjoy a nice, cold beverage. It wasn’t until my boyfriend got home and pointed out my mistake that I realised what the problem was.

Asking for my chicken burger to be “well done” at Byron Burger.

This is by far the most embarrassing entry of the post. Sitting with my friend at Byron Burger, I decided to order their “classic chicken burger” thinking that being pregnant, chicken would be a safer option than beef. Very obviously talking to my friend, the waiter said “we usually do our burgers medium rare, are you okay with that?”.  I don’t know why, but something in my foggy baby brain possessed me to reply.  “No thank you, I’ll have mine well done”  I said, cringing almost the moment I said it.

My friend burst out laughing, the waiter began hastily assuring me that all their chicken burgers are “well done” and I suddenly became very interested in my blank phone screen.

So, there they are. My top three most painful “baby brain” moments of the pregnancy so far. I’ll be honest, the memory loss is getting to me so badly now that I reduced this post from “top ten” to “top five” to “top three” because I’ve forgotten what I was going to write!

But hey… here’s a picture of my son in my boyfriend’s t-shirt:

samuel in codys shirt

NOTE: This was not actually a result of baby brain but just something I found amusing.




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