An ode to Dads!

In some ways, Dads are the unsung heroes of pregnancy. Yes… I know what you’re thinking. They aren’t the ones ballooning to a size of a whale or continually worrying about pushing a small human out of a very delicate area for nine months. This is true. However, I do think dads put up with a lot more than we give them credit for during the gestational period. Their presence may be taken for granted, but without them, we would certainly notice the difference.

There’d be no one to rub our sore feet. No one to go to the shop in the rain because we’re craving diet coke and maltesers. No one would help us up when we got stuck in a funny position on the sofa (trying their hardest not to laugh). No one would be there to listen to the tears and to comfort us as seriously as possible when we have a full on breakdown over our son’s brand-new cords coming out of the dryer covered in fluff ( okay that one might be a little bit specific).

There’d be no one there in the middle of the night to talk to when the fear of giving birth again starts to get you. No one would assure you consistently that you don’t look fat in that top you’re convinced makes you look like a marshmallow. Although sometimes the hormones and their annoying habits can make us want to kill them, dads are actually a very important part of the pregnancy journey and having a support system, be it a partner, friend or parent, is essential to not losing your sanity completely in the nine gruelling months it takes to grow a human being.

So as I’m feeling mushy and weepy, I wanted to write this post to take the opportunity to say thanks to all the dads! We appreciate what you do, even if most of the time we’re doing a pretty convincing job of looking like we hate you.


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