I made it!

Wow, I made it to my first blog post and it was no easy feat- let me tell you that! There were quite a few obstacles I had to overcome to get here.

First, my 22-month-old tried to hijack my laptop after it started loudly playing the tractor video on YouTube that he was watching earlier before I shut it down. It took quite a lot of distraction and bribery using CBeebies to get him to allow me to regain control of the device.

After tussling with him, my washing machine beeped loudly to inform me that it had finished it’s spin, meaning I had to leave the laptop momentarily unattended and venture into the kitchen to turn on the drying cycle. When I returned, I was surprised to see my laptop still in tact. However, the charger had miraculously managed to find itself stuffed down the side of the sofa cushions. It took a five-minute wrestle with the wire, which had got caught on the mechanism that turns the sofa into a bed, for me to be able to rescue it, plug it in and finally load my laptop.

It was at this moment that the afore-mentioned 22-month-old decided that this was moment to begin whinging for a biscuit (his third of the day). One trip to the cupboard and a tantrum over the lack of jammy dodgers later, and I was at last able to set up my fancy new blog on WordPress. What I wasn’t betting on, was how damn difficult the internet has become!

Now, at 23, I am by no means ancient, and have a wealth of experience in Facebook stalking and posting hundreds of irritatingly cute pictures of my son on Instagram, but beyond this, I have discovered that I do not have the first clue how to navigate the world of the internet anymore! I was mesmerised by creating my Twitter account, having not used the website since 2013 when, in my opinion, it’s primary function was to passive-aggressively tweet sarcastic remarks about whichever male had annoyed me that week. After eventually managing to set that account up, I returned here, where I will admit it took me an embarrassing 45 minutes to figure out how to write my first post. When did I get so un-savvy at technology?!

With a final interruption that involved a quick read of “Spot’s Birthday Party”, I’ve finally managed to successfully write something. You’re probably wondering why someone as hopeless as myself would choose to create a blog and accompanying Twitter account in the first place and the answer to that question is simple:

I love to write. In any way, shape or form. It keeps me sane during my stay-at-home mum days where everything else seems to be falling apart around my ears. It reminds me that I still have an identity and a purpose other than cutting the crusts off sandwiches and wiping bottoms (well, just the one bottom. My partner’s got the hang of that himself now). It helps me keep my brain alive and ticking so when the earthy thirty-something mums at the toddler groups we go to speak to me, I am able to actually formulate a response that doesn’t take the form of baby-talk (most of the time). As mentioned in my Bio, to be an author is my ultimate dream and if writing a blog helps me in any way, then I will happily to commit to the confusing practise until I get the hang of it.

So, thanks for reading. Here’s hoping that the next post will be all about how I’ve become a technical wizard and am mastery of all social media platforms! (Don’t hold your breath)

5 thoughts on “I made it!

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  1. Looking forward to new posts. Reading your post made me smile in such a wonderful way. Yes, I have a blog for the same reason you do: to keep my sanity. And I am one of those thirty something women at the play groups or at least I was. I kind of gave up on most of them cause I found myself in more than one judgy judge judge groups that makes me so annoyed so now I am that late thirties mum trying to catch her toddler in the park and have a coffee in the same time. Wish you lots of luck

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    1. Thank you so much ! I’m glad my post made you smile- that makes me smile !! The thirty-something mums seem like they have all together to me, I am just a whirlwind in comparison. Hope you enjoy the new post, I will look at your blog now xx

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  2. Haha I have the same issues with technology outside of Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been in the “blog world” for a good few months now and am Still figuring out wordpress reader features and how the heck everything works. I’m only 29, when did I become so un-hip?! Can’t wait to read more šŸ™‚ xx


    1. It honestly took me about an hour to figure out how to update my photo! I swear I used to be good at this once upon a time. So out of touch now though. Thank you so much for reading ! Glad you enjoyed xxx


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