I’m back!!

After taking just under a month off blogging, I'm finally back after my mini-hiatus. As you can probably guess, the reason for my absence was because things got a bit hectic and I've been busy finding my feet as a new mum of two. Now that things have calmed down - at least for now-... Continue Reading →

Exciting feedback! !

  So, my first proper review for my book  came back a couple of days ago. Here is a copy of what was said: Reading this feedback honestly made my day and, if I'm honest, probably my whole week! On top of that, my mum's friend is close with the author Simon Brett OBE (if... Continue Reading →

A good day. ..

It occurred to me that a lot of my blogs have focused around how hard things as a parent can be (and they are!). For that reason, I want to talk about a really good day I had at the weekend and write something wholly positive for a change! It was a Sunday. The day... Continue Reading →

We survived!

Today was my first day alone with the two children and I am happy to announce that it went without disaster! There were, however, one or two moments of despair, the first involving me leaving samuel alone in his booster chair with a pear and returning two minutes later to find the fruit smushed into... Continue Reading →

The false alarm

*Warning: This post candidly discusses the recovery process post-labour. If you are squeamish, do not read, although I will try not to be too graphic!* On Saturday the 25th of November, the day before my son's second birthday, I had a little bit of a scare. After waking up in the morning and feeling suprisingly... Continue Reading →

When three became four

Last Thursday at 1.25pm our son, Anthony David Patrick was born, instantly transforming our family of three into a family of four. It's taken me a few days to post about the event, partly because I've been in baby-love-land and partly because my brain is half exhausted from dealing with incidences of night time of... Continue Reading →


I didn't realise how lost I had become in my own head. It's easily done. Having stayed at home with my two-year-old son for the past few months, my thoughts have mostly been occupied by him, and the house and the impending arrival of my second baby. Usually, the only thing that runs through my... Continue Reading →

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